Thursday, March 13, 2014

35 things I love about you!

Happy 35th Birthday.

1. You make me laugh.
2. You make yourself laugh.
3. You make your kids laugh.
4. You think positive about everything.
5. You will take the girls on dates and show them daily what they will want in a husband.
6. I love your work ethic. It is off the charts.
7. You always say yes when I come up with a crazy new project for you. 
8. I love your passion for showing kids that hard work always trumps talent.
9. I love that you are secretly in love with Jinxie, our cat.
10. I love that you encourage me when I lose perspective. 
11. I love the way that you accept hurt and disappointment with such dignity and faith. 
12. You have taught me what grace truly is. 
13. You are not ok with superficial relationships.
14. When you pick out the girls outfits.
15. I love when I come home and see you and Kyndall cuddled up watching Little House on the Prairie.
16. I love that you are so protective of what the girls are exposed to.
17. I love that you hold me accountable of what I am exposed to. 
18. I love that you still drive the first car you bought 13 years ago and truly think that it is still awesome.
19. When you make the bed every day, with the bedspread side ways and too short on each side =)
20. When you make me laugh when I am mad.
21. When you say "sorry I will try better." as a way of telling me to be quiet =)
22. Love your humility.
23. I love when you pray with the girls at night before bed.
24. I love when you take the girls to Toys R Us to buy them a surprise and have to come up with a reason that you are doing it so they won't think they didn't earn it. Knowing the real reason is because you just love seeing them get excited over little things.
25. I love that you know grocery shopping for me is one quick way to my heart.
26. I love how much patience you have.
27. I love that you line my shoes up in the closet so I can find the matching pairs the next day.
28. I love that you get so excited when you do something nice for someone.
29. I love that I know that I can't wake up Sunday morning and tell you I am too tired for church. 
30. I love that you are always concerned that I am getting enough rest.
31. I love that you are a passionate man with strong convictions.
32. I love that you are my human diary.
33. I love that you encourage me to be the best version of me.
34. I love that you don't care what anyone thinks.
35. I love that you are my biggest cheerleader.

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